2024 Corn Hybrids

Seed corn with top genetics, traits and technologies. 

Choose from our wide selection of corn hybrids bred specifically to perform in eastern soils. We bring you genetics and stacked traits with a range of maturities to meet your needs. All hybrids have been tested repeatedly by Seed Consultants in growing conditions like your own.



Key Features

Outstanding hybrid targeted for eastern Corn Belt soils
Elite genetics with excellent plant health and drought tolerance
Girthy ear with nice flex
2nd in 2017 F.I.R.S.T. NW OH Early Season Summary
3rd in 2017 PSU Medium-Late Trial Summary


GDU Silk 1400
GDU Maturity 2640
Stress Emergence 7
Root Strength 7
Stalk Strength 9
Plant Height M
Ear Height M
Drought Tolernace 8
Staygreen 7
Late Season Intactness 8
Plant Population MH

Suggested Use

Grain HR
Silage R
High Moisture HR


Anthracnose Stalk Rot 6
Diplodia Ear Rot 6
Fusarium Ear Rot 4
Giberella Ear Rot -
Gray Leaf Spot 6
Northern Leaf Blight 6
Tar Spot 5
Southern Leaf Blight 6


Test Weight 6
Ear Flex SEMI
Husk Cover 6
Kernel Rows 16-18
Grain Yield 8
Drydown 8


Seeding Rate M-H
Corn After Corn 9
Less Productive Soils R
Moderately Productive Soils R
Highly Productive Soils HR
Fungicide Response M
Nitrogen Application 3
No Till Adaptability HR


Silage Yield 9
Silage Quality 8
Fiber Digestibility 8
Starch 8
Crude Protein 8
Income per Acre 8

Suggested Zone