Corn Seed Treatment Options


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LumiGEN® seed treatments for corn protect our elite genetics from early season
disease, insects and nematodes to help maximize yield potential.
This fungicide seed treatment is the most robust available in the industry,
providing enhanced protection against resistant Pythium species and
a new active ingredient against Rhizoctonia (inpyrfluxam) and Fusarium*
Lumialza® nematicide seed treatment shields roots with an expanding
bio-barrier protecting corn from yield-robbing nematodes for more
than 80 days while cooperating with beneficial microorganisms

Fungicide Seed Treatment

-Lumiscend™ Pro


-L-2012 R biofungicide

Insecticide/Nematicide Seed Treatment

-Lumivia® 250

-Lumisure® 250

-Lumialza® nematicide

-Lumisure® 1250

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