Why Seed Consultants?


  • “Seed Consultants is top notch when it comes to taking care of you. They see that I always have good quality. The seed gets out of the ground well and we have excellent yields. Seed Consultants is an outstanding company.”

    Steve Wetli, Antwerp, OH


  • “Seed Consultants is a quality product. The value you get in the seed is there. With the dealer support, you know when you call you get what you need.”

    Jeff Gardner, Washington, PA


  • “I think Seed Consultants is a good choice because we have good support and the corn is bred for the area.”

    Andy Worthington, Muncy, PA


  • “One of the benefits that Seed Consultants gives is the regional testing that they do in our area, and also that they have regional people who know our area.”

    Clyde Lehman, Chambersburg, PA


  • “With the availability of seed, the quality of product in the field - the corn looks tremendous - the varieties we find that are working in our area have been very good for us on our farm, we’re very excited to be working with Seed Consultants.”

    Charlie Prickett, Kennedyville, MD