Key Features

Defensive variety with 2.8 bu/ac yield advantage over mean in 2017
Outstanding emergence and early season vigor
Excellent Root-knot nematode and Stem Canker resistance
Outstanding harvest standability
Exceptional PRR field tolerance


Canopy Width 6
Field Emergence 8
Harvest Standability 9
Growth Habit MB
Plant Height MT/T
Shattering Resistance NR


PRR Gene Resistance NG
Phytopthora Field Tolerance 9
Brown Stem Rot 8
Charcoal Rot 5
Downey Mildew -
Frogeye Leafspot 5
Stem Canker Gene 8
Sudden Death Syndrome NR
White Mold NR


SCN Resistance R3, R14
Aphid Antibiosis BA
Root Knot Nematode -


Flower Color PU
Hila Color BL
Pod Color BR
Pubescence Color TW