Seeds that Yield Results

We offer a wide selection of high-performing corn, soybean and alfalfa seed. With local expertise and access to world-class genetics, we only test and sell products that yield results in the unique soil types and growing conditions of the eastern Corn Belt. Our knowledgeable seedsmen put your crop performance first and sales second to ensure you maximize yield potential and profits.

Take a look at our extensive seed line-up and learn how we yield results for our customers.

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Corteva TUA

All customers need to sign the new Corteva TUA before any products can be shipped. Download, sign and return the form below to the office. You can also fill the form out online by clicking the link below.

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We select seed corn varieties with high yield potential and genetics to match your soil type. Our corn hybrids have strong emergence, great standability and excellent root growth.

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Top Yields

Since 2008, Seed Consultants corn hybrids have won four National and 41 State yield contests in the NCGA Yield Contest. That’s more than any other seed company based in the eastern Corn Belt.



Our soybean seed varieties have top-performing genetics with excellent emergence and standability for superb high yield potential. Proven disease resistance helps limit issues in the field.

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We don’t just help you select the seed that’s right for you. We can also finance your purchase.

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With our alfalfa seed you can expect excellent potential for regrowth and great disease resistance. We offer varieties bred and developed for growing conditions in your area.

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“In today’s economy, everyone’s fighting for those last few cents on the dollar to get the value out of what they put into their farm, and I feel that Seed Consultants and their pricing structure, and the quality that they bring in terms of the genetics in the seed. It really is simply the best value in the market.”

Shawn Woodside, Kittanning, PA

Product Use Guide

The next step to growing healthy crops is making sure they’re protected with the right products. Our product use guide provides you with information on insect control and herbicide tolerance to support the technology in our seed.

Trait Stewardship and Product Use Guides

Find the right products for your farm.

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