SC9277R New

Key Features

2.7 maturity variety with proven performance in SC replicated testing
Replacement for SCS 9273RR™ with 4 bu/ac yield advantage
Excellent emergence
Very good BSR and SCN tolerance
Excellent FE tolerance


Canopy Width 5
Field Emergence 8
Harvest Standability 8
Growth Habit MB
Plant Height M
Shattering Resistance NR


PRR Gene Resistance 1C
Phytopthora Field Tolerance 5
Brown Stem Rot 7
Charcoal Rot 3
Downey Mildew 6
Frogeye Leafspot 9
Stem Canker Gene NR
Sudden Death Syndrome 5
White Mold 5


SCN Resistance R3, R14
Aphid Antibiosis A
Root Knot Nematode -


Flower Color PU
Hila Color BL
Pod Color BR
Pubescence Color LTW