Looking for Simply Better Performance from your soybean acres? Select from our full lineup of soybean varieties featuring leading traits and top-shelf genetics. Each variety has been bred and tested to deliver high yields and outstanding performance on farms in the eastern U.S.



Key Features

Defensive variety with strong performance
Excellent emergence
Medium height plant with bushy growth habit
Outstanding Root-knot southern and Root-knot peanut nematodes
Very good stem canker tolerance


Canopy Width 7
Field Emergence 8
Harvest Standability 8
Growth Habit B
Plant Height M
Shattering Resistance NR
Chloride Sensitivity 8


PRR Gene Resistance 1K
Phytopthora Field Tolerance 6
Brown Stem Rot 6
Charcoal Rot 4
Downey Mildew -
Frogeye Leafspot 5
Stem Canker Gene 7
Sudden Death Syndrome 5
White Mold NR
Phytophthora Gene 1k


SCN Resistance R3, R14
Aphid Antibiosis AA
Root Knot Nematode 9
Cyst Nematode Gene P188788


Flower Color PU
Hila Color BL
Pod Color BR
Pubescence Color LTW