Key Features

115 day hybrid with excellent drydown
Eastern Corn Belt genetics; excellent plant health and drought tolerance
Taller stature, upright leaves, outstanding stalks and roots
Exceptional agronomics
Excellent grain quality; food grade potential


GDU Silk 1440
GDU Maturity 2770
Stress Emergence 7
Root Strength 8
Stalk Strength 9
Plant Height M-T
Ear Height M
Drought Tolernace 8
Staygreen 9
Late Season Intactness 8

Suggested Use

Grain HR
Silage HR
High Moisture HR


Anthracnose Stalk Rot 5
Diplodia Ear Rot 6
Fusarium Ear Rot 7
Giberella Ear Rot -
Gray Leaf Spot 6
Northern Leaf Blight 6
Southern Leaf Blight 6


Test Weight 7
Ear Flex SEMI
Husk Cover 8
Kernel Rows 14-16
Drydown -


Seeding Rate M-H
Corn After Corn 8
Less Productive Soils R
Moderately Productive Soils R
Highly Productive Soils R
Fungicide Response M
Nitrogen Application 3


Silage Yield 9
Silage Quality 8
Fiber Digestibility -
Starch 9
Crude Protein 7

Suggested Zone