Key Features

Strong roots, stalks, and good late-season plant health and intactness
Very stable product with overall solid performance in multiyear data
Consistent ear development with good tip fill and kernel depth
Best performance at moderate to moderately-high plant densities
Strong disease tolerance to NCLB and Gosss Wilt
Available in multiple trait packages


GDU Silk 1100
GDU Maturity 2120
Stress Emergence 5
Root Strength 6
Stalk Strength 6
Plant Height M
Drought Tolernace 7
Staygreen 4
Late Season Intactness 7
Suggested Refuge Integrated
Plant Population MH

Suggested Use

Grain HR
Silage R
High Moisture HR


Anthracnose Stalk Rot -
Diplodia Ear Rot -
Fusarium Ear Rot -
Giberella Ear Rot -
Gray Leaf Spot -
Northern Leaf Blight 5
Southern Leaf Blight -


Test Weight 4
Ear Flex SEMI
Husk Cover 6
Grain Yield 9
Drydown 4


Seeding Rate M-H
Corn After Corn 6
Less Productive Soils HR
Moderately Productive Soils HR
Highly Productive Soils HR
Fungicide Response M
No Till Adaptability R


Silage Yield 8
Silage Quality 8
Fiber Digestibility 8
Starch 6
Crude Protein 8
Income per Acre 8

Suggested Zone